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CJ Olive Young Global Mall’s ‘Big Bang Sale’ from May 31st

Globally acclaimed K-Beauty at a glance

– CJ Olive Young, a leading K-beauty retailer, to host its summer ‘Big Bang Sale’ at the global mall from May 31st to June 6th.
– Prominently featuring sun care for the northern hemisphere, skincare and moisturizer for the southern hemisphere … Exclusive special deals unique to the ‘Big Bang Sale’ also available
– “It has become a global K-beauty sale festival where promising SME brands can be recognized at a glance… Will lead the globalization of K-beauty.”

SEOUL, South Korea, May 31, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Olive Young Global Mall is hosting a regular sale where you can explore popular K-beauty products at a glance.

▲Representative image of 'Big Bang Sale', running until June 6th at Olive Young Global Mall
▲Representative image of ‘Big Bang Sale’, running until June 6th at Olive Young Global Mall

On May 31st, CJ Olive Young (hereafter referred to as Olive Young) announced that from May 31 to June 6 (KST), Olive Young Global Mall will hold the ‘Big Bang Sale’, its regularly held large-scale sale, offering up to 77% off selected K-beauty products that are currently trending.

Now in its fourth year after launch, the ‘Big Bang Sale’ is the flagship regular sale event of the global mall, held only four times a year (in March, June, September, and December). It has solidified its position as a premier shopping festival, catching the eyes of K-beauty enthusiasts worldwide with its broad range of K-beauty products, generous discounts, and convenient shopping experiences accessible from 150 countries worldwide.

Reflecting the global fascination with K-beauty, the ‘Big Bang Sale’ has continued to grow in popularity each year. Last year actually saw an increase of 263% in the cumulative order value compared to 2021, the first year of its launch, while the number of unique visitors (UVs) surged about sixfold. Such success can largely be attributed to its tailored product recommendations for each target country, allowing global customers to have the quickest access to high-quality, up-and-coming SME brands.

The upcoming sale plans to differentiate sales by prominently featuring sun care products in the northern hemisphere regions like North America, where the summer is beginning, and skincare and moisturizing products in southern hemisphere regions like Australia and New Zealand, where winter is approaching. Along with discounts of up to 77% on promising and popular K-beauty products, ‘Only for Today’ event will also be held, offering additional discounts on four different popular products selected daily. In addition, as the global mall is available both in Japanese and English, customers accessing Japanese and English malls will get to enjoy additional discount benefits customized for them.

The English global mall will feature popular brand products beloved by customers from North American regions at reasonable prices. Dr. G, SKIN1004, Abib, Innisfree, BEAUTY OF JOSEON, and COSRX will participate. Shoppers will also be able to enjoy purchase coupons that offer bigger discounts with larger purchases: $10 off for spending $110 or more, $20 off for $160 or more, $30 off for $220 or more, $50 off for $300 or more, and $70 off for $400 or more. Free shipping is also available for orders of $60 or more.

Customers of the Japanese Global Mall will get to enjoy discounts on top Japanese K-beauty brands like lilybyred, Biodance, BIOHEAL BOH, UNOVE, WAKEMAKE, and FOODOLOGY. Members spending 5,110¥ or more will receive 20% off, and those spending 7,300¥ or more a purchase coupon for an additional 25% off, plus free shipping for orders of 3,900¥ or more.

An official from Olive Young said, “with the advantage of being able to enjoy trendy and high-quality brands at reasonable prices, the ‘Big Bang Sale’ is becoming a representative global sale festival for K-beauty,” while adding “it will lead the globalization of K-beauty by expanding exports in various ways through the ‘Big Bang Sale’.”

Meanwhile, since 2019, Olive Young has been operating Olive Young Global, a website accessible from about 150 countries worldwide, where customers can purchase Korean cosmetics. Fueled by the popularity of K-content and the global K-beauty phenomenon, the website gained viral status as a specialized mall selling high-quality Korean cosmetics, solidifying its current position as a hub for K-beauty.


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