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iQIYI’s New VR Location-Based Entertainment to Launch Across Major Chinese Cities This Summer

Upcoming Overseas Expansions Include Dubai and Bangkok

BEIJING, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 19, iQIYI, a leading online entertainment service in China, announced plans to launch VR location based experiences across major Chinese cities this summer, with global expansion to follow. The initiative aims to expand into offline commercial spaces and cultural tourism market, according to Hang ZHANG, Senior Vice President of iQIYI, highlighting the company’s innovative use of technology to transform IPs into captivating offline experiences.

iQIYI’s Luoyang VR Project, which debuted in Shanghai last year, will launch in Shenzhen this summer, alongside a new adaptation of the original thriller series Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty 2: To the West in Shenzhen and Beijing. Additionally, the highly anticipated VR immersive theater based on the hit drama series Love Between Fairy and Devil will soon open at Galaxy Macau and Shanghai, gearing up for the expected surge in summer travel.

The existing projects in major Chinese cities such as Shanghai, Luoyang, Xi’an, and Hefei have welcomed over 100,000 visitors cumulatively as of June this year. Furthermore, iQIYI is preparing to take its VR projects to the global stage with locations such as Dubai and Bangkok in the pipeline, while also exploring opportunities in domestic Chinese cities like Harbin and Changchun.

“Our VR immersive theaters gain a competitive edge in the market, and their success is supported by the widespread popularity of the original IPs on which these projects are based,” said Zhang at the 26th Shanghai International Film Festival.

These projects leverage VR technology to modernize and expand the reach of Chinese culture, enhancing the long-term value of iQIYI’s original IPs. Employing stunning theater sets, immersive audiovisual effects, and motion devices enhanced with sensory elements like wind and water spray, coupled with interactive gameplay and hand-tracking input, audiences can now fully immerse themselves in unparalleled multisensory experiences. Furthermore, these VR projects enhance efficiency and visitor capacity through thoughtfully designed routes tailored to each location and relevant cultural tourism scenes.

By transforming premium content into immersive experiences, iQIYI aims to showcase captivating content and engaging storytelling to a diverse global audience through cutting-edge technology, driving the evolution of content experiences in various settings.



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