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Kidoodle MiniBox A1: Sowing Seeds of Imagination for Kids

ZHONGSHAN, China, June 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Guangdong Dale Technology Co., Ltd. is at the forefront of innovative education for children, committed to nurturing their dreams and development. Our core brand, Kidoodle, embodies this vision perfectly.

We believe in unleashing every child’s innate creativity and imagination. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the Kidoodle MiniBox A1, a 3D printer designed specially for kids, aiming to create a limitless, engaging, and creative environment for learning and growth.

More than just a tool, the Kidoodle MiniBox A1 empowers children to transform their imaginations into tangible realities, sparking a journey of creativity and discovery. It bridges the gap between two-dimensional ideas and three-dimensional objects, fostering growth through hands-on exploration and experimentation. This interactive process not only cultivates their problem-solving abilities but also gives them a sense of accomplishment as they see their ideas come to life.

Kidoodle MiniBox A1
Kidoodle MiniBox A1

Market Advantages

In today’s children’s 3D printer market, existing printers often fall short in terms of safety, ease of use, creativity stimulation, and printing speed. Kidoodle has addressed these challenges head-on with the MiniBox A1, aiming to improve children’s educational technology. We are excited to announce our Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign launching at 14:00 UTC on June 28, marking a significant step forward for children’s education.

Key Features

  • Safety-First Design

Kidoodle’s design philosophy is “Inspiring Creativity, Cultivating Thinking,” with a primary focus on children’s safety and health. The MiniBox A1 uses non-toxic, safe, and environmentally friendly materials. It includes a child lock function and an integrated sealed design that automatically stops when the door is opened, effectively preventing children from contacting moving or high-temperature components, and ensuring their safety.

  • Effortless Operation

Ready to use out of the box, the MiniBox A1 is controlled via a user-friendly mobile app, allowing children to select and print models with ease. It simplifies the process, turning creative ideas into real objects in no time.

  • High-Speed Printing

With a printing speed of 600mm/s, the MiniBox A1 is six times faster than its counterparts. For example, while a typical children’s 3D printer takes 2 hours to print a popular model like the 3DBenchy, the MiniBox A1 completes it in just 21 minutes, ensuring quick realization of children’s toy designs.

  • STEM Learning Integration

Beyond printing, the MiniBox A1 serves as a comprehensive STEM education tool, offering enriching learning experiences across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It combines rich educational content with engaging hands-on experiences, igniting children’s curiosity and fostering their creativity.

The launch of the Kidoodle MiniBox A1 marks a significant leap forward in the children’s printer market. We look forward to collaborating with more partners to promote children’s education and growth. Starting from 14:00 UTC on June 28th, join us on Kickstarter as we embark on this exciting journey. Together, let’s sow the seeds of imagination and support children’s educational growth with the Kidoodle MiniBox A1.

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