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Owner of popular Australian restaurant Rashays hits back at microwaved food rumours

The eccentric owner of a popular casual dining restaurant chain has hit back at rumours that his food is frozen and cooked in a microwave.

Rami Ykmour, owner of Rashays, posted a video to social media on Monday in which he ranted about the rumours that he called “slander”.

In the heated video, Ykmour walked around the kitchen of one of his restaurants, pointing out features that seemingly proved there was no way his food could be frozen.

“Is this cooked in a microwave?” Ykmour said while pointing at something cooking on a grill.

Pointing to another grill, he said: “You can feel the heat, can you see the steam?”

“Why do I need a (deep) fryer if I need a microwave? Why would I need those pans if I was cooking in a microwave? What for?

“I’m sick of it and yes, I am angry.

“Wake up guys, stop listening to the BS.”

The video was discussed on Reddit, where several former employees claimed the microwave rumours were true.

One went so far as to describe the kitchen at Rashays as a “glorified microwave”.

“As someone who worked at Rashays, half the food, the sauces, the vegetables, the meats, it all gets delivered packaged and opened up,” they said.

Another former employee backed up the claim, saying: “Former employee here! Yes, frozen, pre-packaged and microwaved. Every section has a microwave, some even have two.”

“Crepes? Microwave. Pancake? Microwave. Any hot dessert? Microwave. Lasagne? It’s put into the microwave from frozen.”

Ykmour founded Rashays with his partner Shannon in 1998 and the pair opened their first restaurant in Liverpool, NSW.

The self-described family favourite restaurant offers dishes such as pizza, burgers, pasta, steak and seafood.

There are now 32 Rashays restaurants across NSW, VIC and QLD.


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